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MERAKIU is a platform that promotes projects and business created by women.


  • Showcasing female entrepreneurship: We offer the necessary tools to make visible women's companies to increase their local presence and global reach. We inspire women to pursuit their dreams.

  • Education for women entrepreneurs: We are aware that education is power, so we improve women´s skills and capabilities to stablish sustainable business and to aim high.

  • Sales jump-start for outstanding products created by women: We help women owned businesses become profitable for the long-term. A successful business allows women to be successful and independent.

  • Global network to connect Women: We connect and bring women together to build a strong community that creates value and encourage synergies among its members: #UnidasCrecemos #WeGrowTogether


DIRECTORY FOR WOMEN OWNED BUSINESSES: We launched our directory in July 2017 and today we have more than 765 women owned companies and 3.300 registered users. Our directory allows comments and feedback from users.

EDUCATION & TRAINING CAMPUS: Our members have an entrepreneurship path opportunity with trainings online and off-line, specially designed to lead our entrepreneurs from idea to successful  business. Our community and allies provides value by creating special content and knowledge allowing our members to share their experiences and learnings. More than 700 women have been trained through directly or with our alliances with Google, Procolombia, PayULatam, Invima, Palma Activa, UIB, Escuelade Disseny, IFOC Calviá.

CURATED MARKETPLACE FOR UNIQUE PRODUCTS CREATED BY WOMEN: We offer our members the chance to be part of our MERAKIUworld program where we promote in the international markets the exclusive design and fashion pieces created by the MERAKIU business women. We choose brands with high content of innovation, design, passion and social commitment to present them, in international stages that value women´s empowerment, sustainability and sorority. We choose the best and more exclusive locations and events to generate brand awareness in different markets and we promote the sale of their products in our exclusive Pop-ups and on our marketplace on-line at

WOMEN’S NETWORK: Our network is comprised of 20,000 women that collaborate and promote their products. We have an active community in private Facebook accounts around the globe, an online forum for women entrepreneurs and partnerships with other international network for women.






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