Descuento comunidad Merakiu

Un espacio en donde el arte y la moda se encuentran

Nuestra historia:

The creative team behind A Taste of Life has more than a century experience in the textile industry and market research. They’re an American family of globetrotters, having researched many independent artists from all over the world – starting with the US and Mexico, El Salvador, Colombia, Panama, Dominican Republic, Chile, Peru and Venezuela, then traveling to Europe in the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, and Spain, to name a few.

Nuestra empresa: is the community oriented side for all creative artists out there looking to promote their fashion conception. addressed all the consumer’s needs by offering eclectic apparel and accessories. This family-owned enterprise wants to curate local and international goods under one gallery of fashionable art. We want to make a home for indie artists from all over the globe to share their business in the digital world.

In simpler words, A Taste of Life is a project promoting global diversity. We go around the globe in search of fun and creative art to offer to you. But we also help talents convert their art into fashion items to make a living. It’s a win-win situation for all three parties and it’s the beginning of the end of only seeing art in museums.

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