Nikki & Mom’s Catering Services

Nikki's - Spiced with Love ( Authentic Vegetarian Indian Food )

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businesswomen, started June 2017

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At Nikki’s we take your senses on a culinary ride of the Indian Subcontinent. We provide catering services and cooking classes in authentic Indian Cuisine.

We use what is fresh and locally available here in Colombia and Spice It With Love for our Indian Curry!

The ingredients used extensively in the Colombian cuisine like rice, beans, lentils, coconuts, plantains, tamarind, jaggery or panela & a wide variety of fruits and vegetables are all essential part of Indian cooking.

Each month we will bring to you a new menu Which will feature seasonal fruits and vegetables. Our food is simple and earnest and Gives you an opportunity to explore and experience Regional Curries and Indian Street food!

Do not forget to check out our packaged products Which are made with the best ingredients and are free of preservatives.